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  • Queen of Dragons
  • Жанр: Любовная фантастика
  • Hidden among the remote hills of eighteenth-century England lives a powerful clan of shape-shifters who've become the stuff of myths and legends. They are the dr?kon—supersensual creatures with the ability to Turn from human to smoke to dragon. Now a treacherous new enemy threatens to destroy their world of magic and glittering power.For centuries, they thought themselves alone at Darkfrith, but the arrival of a stunning letter from the Princess Maricara sent from the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania suggests the existence of a lost tribe of dr?kon. It is a possibility that the Alpha ...

  • The Dream Thief
  • Жанр: Исторические любовные романы
  • In the remote hills of northern England lives a powerful clan with a centuries-old secret. They are the dr?kon, shape-shifters who possess the ability to Turn-changing from human to smoke to dragon. And from the very stones of the earth, they hear hypnotic songs of beauty and wonder. But there is one stone they fear…Buried deep within the bowels of the Carpathian Mountains lies the legendary dreaming diamond known as Draumr, the only gem with the power to enslave the dr?kon. Since childhood, Lady Amalia Langford, daughter of the clan's Alpha, has heard its haunting ...

  • The Smoke Thief
  • Жанр: Любовная фантастика
  • For centuries they've lived in secret among northern England's green and misted hills. Creatures of extraordinary beauty, power, and sensuality, they possess the ability to shape-shift from human to dragon and back again. Now their secret-and their survival-is threatened by a temptation that will break every boundary.Dubbed the Smoke Thief, a daring jewel thief is confounding the London police. His wealthy victims claim the master burglar can walk through walls and vanish into thin air. But Christoff, the charismatic Marquess of Langford, knows the truth: the thief is no ordinary human but a "runner" who's fled Darkfrith ...

  • The Time Weaver
  • Жанр: Любовная фантастика
  • From the highly acclaimed author of The Treasure Keeper and Queen of Dragons comes this mesmerizing new novel of the dr?kon, a supersensual race of shapeshifters whose world exists side by side with our own. In The Time Weaver, a young dr?kon woman discovers she possesses a unique gift, one that brings her closer to her destined love - at the cost of their very lives.Honor Carlisle may have been born into the dr?kon clan but she's always felt like a stranger to her kin. It's an intuition that proves true when she receives ...

  • The Treasure Keeper
  • Жанр: Любовная фантастика
  • She is a young dr?kon of untried powers. He is the powerful second son of the Alpha male from their clan of shapeshifting, supersensual beings. And what she is about to attempt will violate every taboo and break every law that bind the dr?kon together—and just may save them from destruction.A mere seamstress’s daughter, Zoe Cyprienne Lane isn’t even in the same league as Lord Rhys Langford. Nothing could be more shocking than the notion that she’d set out to find her childhood friend and first true love. But when news arrives in the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania that Rhys is being held captive, that’s just what she does. Guided by her own hidden Gifts and her psychic link to Rhys—his presence and touch as electric as if he were beside her in the flesh—Zoe is his last lifeline to a world and a passion he thought he’d never regain. Only reunited, hunter and huntress, can they save the dr?kon from those who would destroy them all.