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  • День триффидов (пер. А. Стругацкого)
  • Жанр: Научная фантастика
  • Джон Уиндэм (1903–1969). «Патриарх» английской научной фантастики. Классик – и классицист от фантастики, оригинальный и своеобразный, однако всегда «преданный» последователь Герберта Уэллса. Писатель, стилистически «смотревший назад» – но фактически обогнавший своими холодновато-спокойными «традиционными» романами не только свое, но и – в чем-то! – наше время… Продолжать говорить о Джоне Уиндэме можно еще очень долго. Однако для каждого истинного поклонника фантастики сами за себя скажут уже НАЗВАНИЯ его книг: «Кракен пробуждается», «Кукушки Мидвича», «Куколки» – и, конечно же, «лучшее из лучшего» в наследии Уиндэма – «День триффидов»!

  • The Chrysalids
  • Жанр: Постапокалипсис
  • is set in the future after a devastating global nuclear war. David, the young hero of the novel, lives in a tight-knit community of religious and genetic fundamentalists, always on the alert for any deviation from the norm of God’s creation. Abnormal plants are publicly burned, with much singing of hymns. Abnormal humans (who are not really human) are also condemned to destruction—unless they succeed in fleeing to the Fringes, that Wild Country where, as the authorities say, nothing is reliable and the devil does his work. David grows up ringed by admonitions: KEEP PURE THE STOCK ...

  • The Day of the Triffids
  • Жанр: Научная фантастика
  • Bill Masen, bandages over his wounded eyes, misses the most spectacular meteorite shower England has ever seen. Removing his bandages the next morning, he finds masses of sightless people wandering the city. He soon meets Josella, another lucky person who has retained her sight, and together they leave the city, aware that the safe, familiar world they knew a mere twenty-four hours before is gone forever.But to survive in this post-apocalyptic world, one must survive the Triffids, strange plants that years before began appearing all over the world. The Triffids can grow to over seven feet tall, pull their roots from the ground to walk, and kill a man with one quick lash of their poisonous stingers. With society in shambles, they are now posed to prey on humankind. Wyndham chillingly anticipates bio-warfare and mass destruction, fifty years before their realization, in this prescient account of Cold War paranoia.