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  • Beneath The Skin
  • Жанр: Триллер
  • They are three very different women: Zoe, the pretty blonde schoolteacher; Jenny, the former hand model turned model mother and wife; and Nadia, the free spirit who entertains at children’s parties. But when they are targeted by a sexual predator, they become sisters closer than kin. Suddenly they share the same dread when they approach their doorsteps, fall victim to the same rising panic as darkness falls. For someone is watching them, learning them better than they know themselves. And when the gruesome threats begin to escalate, each woman faces a horrifying truth: No one is coming to the rescue, not even the police. Stalked by an unknown killer, each can count only on herself, and do whatever it takes to survive.

  • Blue Monday
  • Жанр: Триллер
  • Monday, the lowest point of the week. A day of dark impulses. A day to snatch a child from the streets…The abduction of five-year-old Matthew Farraday provokes national outcry and a desperate police hunt. And when his face is splashed over the newspapers, psychotherapist Frieda Klein is left troubled: one of her patients has been relating dreams in which he has a hunger for a child. A child he can describe in perfect detail, a child the spitting image of Matthew.Detective Chief Inspector Karlsson doesn't take Frieda's concerns seriously until a link emerges with an ...

  • Killing Me Softly
  • Жанр: Триллер
  • ‘Cancel all appointments and unplug the phone. Once started you will do nothing until you finish this thriller’ ‘A chilling study of obsession [with] a nail-biting climax’ ‘A real frightener’ ‘Compulsive… sexy and scary’ ‘Not only a nail-biting read, but also has great insight into male and female desire, obsession, self-destructiveness and the wilder shores of love’ ‘Tremendous suspense and sharp observation’ ‘A nail-biting tale of love on the brink of insanity’ ‘The pace is fast, compelling, the slickness of the prose makes the sudden jolts of horror particularly blood-freezing’

  • Los Muertos No Hablan
  • Жанр: Триллер
  • Una llamada imprevista y la vida cambia por completo. Una visita inoportuna y todo el futuro que hab?an so?ado juntos se derrumba dolorosamente. La polic?a da a Eleanor Falkner la peor de las noticias posibles: su mando, Greg Manning, ha fallecido en un suburbio solitario de las afueras de la capital, despu?s de que el coche que conduc?a se despe?ara por un terrapl?n por causas desconocidas. Sin apenas tiempo para asumir esta tragedia, Eleanor encaja un nuevo mazazo: al lado de Greg yace tambi?n muerta una mujer, Milena Livingstone, de la ...

  • Un amor dulce y peligroso
  • Жанр: Триллер
  • Alice Loudon tiene veintitantos a?os, se lleva de maravilla con su pareja y comparten un grupo de amigos muy enrollados. Pero una ma?ana cualquiera, al cruzar la calle en pleno centro de Londres, su mirada se clava en la de Adam Tallis, un famoso escalador que salv? a varias personas en una accidentada expedici?n al Himalaya. A partir de ese instante, es como si Alice viviese en un sue?o permanente. Convencida de haber encontrado el amor de su vida, se entrega a una aventura er?tica que lo justifica todo. Sin embargo, a medida que el amor de Adam se vuelve una obsesi?n posesiva, Alice comienza a darse cuenta de lo poco que conoce de verdad a ese hombre que le ha hecho perder la cabeza y, sobre todo, de lo dif?cil que ser? romper esta extra?a relaci?n

  • Until its Over
  • Жанр: Триллер
  • Young and athletic, London cycle courier Astrid Bell is bad luck – for other people. First Astrid's neighbour Peggy Farrell accidentally knocks her off her bike – and not long after is found bludgeoned to death. Then a few days later, Astrid is asked to pick up a package from a wealthy woman called Ingrid de Soto, only to find the client murdered in the hall of her luxurious home. For the police it's more than coincidence. For Astrid and her six housemates it's the beginning of a nightmare: suspicious glances, bitter accusations, fallings out and a growing fear that the worst is yet to come…Because if it's true that bad luck comes in threes – who will be the next to die?

  • What to do When Someone Dies
  • Жанр: Триллер
  • 'This is not my world. Something is wrong, askew. It is a Monday evening in October. I am Ellie Falkner, 34 years old and married to Greg Manning. Although two police officers have just come to my door and told me he is dead… 'It's devastating to hear that your husband has died in a horrific car accident. But to learn that he died with a mystery woman as his passenger is torment. Was Greg having an affair?Drowning in grief, Ellie clings to Greg's innocence, and her determination to prove it to the world at large means she must find out who Milena Livingstone was and what she was doing in Greg's car. But in the process those around her begin to question her sanity… and her motive. And the louder she shouts that Greg might have been murdered, the more suspicion falls on Ellie herself. Sometimes it's safer to keep silent when someone dies…