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  • Blood Work
  • Жанр: Триллер
  • It's twelve days before Christmas and for the first time in a long while Detective Inspector Jack Delaney is looking forward to it… And then the killings begin.The first victim is a thirty-five-year-old woman found in a cheap hotel room in north London. Her throat has been slashed twice and her body mutilated. She was carrying no identification; the only items on her person are some coins and a small, broken make-up mirror. This horrific discovery marks the beginning of Jack Delaney's toughest ever case. When the expertly dissected body of a second young woman is discovered with ...

  • Hard Evidence
  • Жанр: Триллер
  • Jackie Malone has been murdered. Her body lies in a pool of blood in the north London flat where she worked as a prostitute. Deep knife wounds have been gouged into her corpse and her hands and feet are tied with coat hanger wire. For Detective Inspector Jack Delaney this is no ordinary case. He was a friend of Jackie's and she left desperate messages on his answer phone just hours before she was killed. Despite no immediate leads and no obvious suspects, the fear in her voice tells him that this was not a random act of violence....

  • Murder Club
  • Жанр: Полицейский детектив
  • Detective Inspector Delaney is looking forward to spending Christmas with Kate Walker and his young daughter Siobhan, but the past always had a way of ruining Jack’s best-laid plans. And this holiday season is no different!A year previously, Delaney was responsible for the arrest of Michael Robinson, a viciously violent rapist. Robinson always claimed he was set up by the police but before he could be brought to trial he was brutally attacked in prison and left for dead. He didn’t die, however, and a year later, out of hospital and fit for trial, he ...