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  • Вампирские архивы: Книга 2. Проклятие крови
  • Жанр: Ужасы
  • Вампиры… Эти странные существа, всего каких-нибудь два века назад шагнувшие из мира легенд на страницы произведений литературы, в кратчайший срок заполонили собой ту нишу, которую занимали до них бесчисленные Горгоны, химеры, русалки и прочая нежить, пугающая наше воображение. И самое удивительное — идут века, сменяются поколения, интерес же к этим сумеречным героям не иссякает, а со временем лишь усиливается.

  • Agents of Treachery - Spy Stories
  • Жанр: Триллер
  • For the first time ever, legendary editor Otto Penzler has handpicked some of the most respected and bestselling thriller writers working today for a riveting collection of spy fiction. From first to last, this stellar collection signals mission accomplished.Including:* Lee Child with an incredible look at the formation of a special ops cell.* James Grady writing about an Arab undercover FBI agent with an active cell.* Joseph Finder riffing on a Boston architect who's convinced his Persian neighbors are up to no good.* John Lawton concocting a Len Deighton-esque story about British intelligence.* Stephen Hunter thrilling us with a tale about a WWII brigade.Full list of Contributors:James Grady, Charles McCarry, Lee Child, Joseph Finder, John Lawton, John Weisman, Stephen Hunter, Gayle Lynds, David Morrell, Andrew Klavan, Robert Wilson, Dan Fesperman, Stella Rimington, Olen Steinhauer

  • Dangerous Women
  • Жанр: Триллер
  • DESCRIPTION: From some of the greatest literary minds of our time comes a collection of stories about dangerous women.With an unprecedented lineup of authors, Mysterious Press proudly presents an extraordinary collection of short stories. Lorenzo Carcaterra, Michael Connelly, John Connolly, Jeffery Deaver, Nelson DeMille, J.A. Jance, Andrew Klavan, Elmore Leonard, Laura Lippman, Ed McBain, Jay McInerney, Walter Mosley, Joyce Carol Oates, Anne Perry, Ian Rankin, S.J. Rozan, and Thomas H. Cook combine their talents in a collection which is certain to find a large audience eager to read stories by some of the most distinguished names in the genre.

  • Mujeres peligrosas
  • Жанр: Триллер
  • Las mujeres m?s peligrosas son aquellas que resultan irresistibles. ?Qu? hace peligrosa a una mujer? Su gran belleza, su encanto, su inteligencia, la manera en que se aparta el cabello de los ojos, o el modo de re?rse. Puede tener conciencia absoluta de su poder, o desconocerlo por completo. Utilizarlo comoa rma o protegerse detr?s de ?l. La intenci?n y el prop?sito no aumentan ni disminuyen el poder, y ?se es mayor peligro de todos los que son seducidos y sometidos por ?l.

  • Murder At the Foul Line
  • Жанр: Детективы: прочее
  • You’ve seen the headlines. On the court they brawl with opponents, fight with fans, and attack their own coach. Off the court they get drunk, grope women, and, sometimes, get tried for murder. Now these all-star bad boys from the ranks of today’s pro basketball provide easy layup material for the fictional imaginations of our finest contemporary mystery writers. Refereed by prizewinning editor Otto Penzler, this anthology collects fourteen dazzling, original tales of buzzer-beating suspense and postgame mayhem.In “Keller’s Double Dribble,” Lawrence Block tails a clueless hitman with courtside tickets to unplanned bloodshed… Jeffery ...