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  • Aim And Fire
  • Жанр: Триллер
  • ON ALERT.A nuclear bomb has gone missing. At the same time Room 59, a covert unit of the International Intelligence Agency created to fi ght terrorist cells, intercepts a communiqu? from U.S. Border Patrol agent Nathaniel Spencer. A known terrorist, thought to be dead, is back in business..AND UNDERCOVERTracy Wentworth is working for the Department of Homeland Security when she's contacted by Room 59 for an inside job. Aligned with Agent Spencer and backed up by Room 59's considerable resources, they are to assess and eliminate the threat, using any means necessary. But as they delve deeper into Mexico's criminal underworld, it soon becomes clear that someone is planning a massive attack against America.one that would render the entire nation completely defenseless!

  • Black Widow
  • Жанр: Триллер
  • Espionage takes to the twenty-first century playing fields, where rules are broken and remade outside the reach of governments and the law. Agents recruited for the clandestine organization known as Room 59 play hard, play for keeps…or die trying. But now new Room 59 agent Ajza Manaev, a top MI6 operative, discovers just how high the stakes really are when she goes undercover inside Chechnya's terrorist training camps, where bitter young widows harness their hate as suicide bombers. Ajza doesn't know she's being manipulated by many sides of a deadly game. Her mysterious Room 59 handler has his own agenda, while the secret, silent mastermind behind a global destabilization plot hopes to push Ajza's loyalties to the breaking point. And in a game where the ground is always shifting, Ajza is inducted by hellfire into Room 59's harsh reality: she's on her own.

  • Out of Time
  • Жанр: Шпионский детектив
  • One last missionWhen crisis looms and politics and red tape conspire against effective measures, the International Intelligence Agency plays its hidden hand. Now the spymasters of Room 59—dedicated, dangerous and willing to push the limit—get the green light to eradicate the threat.One last chanceRoom 59 agent Alex Tempest has a secret: a degenerative illness that may end his career as a field operative. But first he accepts one final mission. And…it's personal. A research facility in China has built the ultimate biological weapon. Alex's job: infi ltrate and destroy. His wife works at the biotech company's stateside lab, and Alex fears danger is poised to hit home. But when Alex is captured, his personal and professional worlds collide in a last, desperate gamble to stop ruthless masterminds from unleashing virulent, unstoppable death.

  • The Finish Line
  • Жанр: Шпионский детектив
  • The espionage game has a brand-new rule book. Agents joining the international clandestine group known as Room 59 are the new spymasters. Working beyond the reach of government bureaucracy, Room 59 recruits only the best of the best. The risks, the rewards?and the rush?are worth everything, including the ultimate sacrifice.After a routine surveillance mission on a quiet London street goes awry, operative David Southerland-s reaction leaves him branded a cowboy. While his quick thinking gained valuable intelligence, breaching procedure is a violation that can end a career?or a life. His future in question, Southerland embarks on a desperate pursuit through the capitals of Europe. His mission is to hunt down the beautiful thief in possession of highly classifi ed security information. But the Room 59 agent is not the only hunter. Other very dangerous players are also seeking the prize, and he could become the prey….

  • The Powers That Be
  • Жанр: Триллер
  • When a double agent in Cuba suddenly disappears, there is concern that he might have gone rogue, working against ROOM 59 and the world at large. But one of the agency's top spymasters has a blood tie to the operative in question, which leaves him with an agonizing choice: allow the mission to be scrubbed, and leave thousands to die in the resulting bloodbath?or risk everything he knows, including his career, to keep his secret deeply buried.

  • The Ties That Bind
  • Жанр: Триллер
  • Officially, it doesn't exist. Off the books, Room 59 is mandated to disrupt and terminate threats that bury official channels in red tape. Driven, dedicated and extremely efficient, the elite agents recruited for the ultimate spy game ply their trade below the radar and on the razor's edge of action.and sudden death.New recruit Jason Siku is ex-CIA, a cold, calculating agent with black ops skills and a brilliant mind - a loner perfect for deep espionage work. Using his Inuit heritage and a search for his lost family as covers, he tracks intelligence reports of a new Russian Oscar-class submarine capable of reigniting the Cold War. But when Jason discovers weapons smugglers and an idealistic yet dangerous brother he never knew existed, the line between his mission and a secret hope collide with deadly consequences.Special thanks and acknowledgment to Garrett Dylan for his contribution to this work.