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  • Bones of the Earth
  • Жанр: Научная фантастика
  • Paleontologist Richard Leyster has achieved professional nirvana: a position with the Smithsonian Museum plus a groundbreaking dinosaur fossil site he can research, publish on, and learn from for years to come. There is nothing that could lure him away—until a disturbingly secretive stranger named Griffin enters Leysters office with an ice cooler and a job offer. In the cooler is the head of a freshly killed Stegosaurus.Griffin has been entrusted with an extraordinary gift, an impossible technology on loan to humanity from unknown beings for an undisclosed purpose. Time travel has become a reality millions of ...

  • Domani il mondo cambier?
  • Жанр: Научная фантастика
  • ? un romanzo affascinante e ricco d’azione, ma che si presta a molte letture. Siamo su un pianeta distante anni-luce dalla Terra, in un’epoca in cui l’umanit? si ? ormai stabilita fra le stelle: ma la grandiosa tecnologia che permette all’uomo di imbrigliare le forze dell’universo qui non ? mai arrivata. Non ? un caso: il pianeta ? tenuto in isolamento artificiale, una specie di “quarantena” tecnologica che potr? essere spezzata solo con un gesto disperato, un furto di sapore prometeico… L’avvincente storia raccontata da Swanwick ? quella di tale furto, della caccia all’uomo che ne segue e ...

  • The Dragons of Babel
  • Жанр: Фэнтези
  • A fantasy masterpiece from a five-time Hugo Award winner! A war-dragon of Babel crashes in the idyllic fields of a post-industrialized Faerie and, dragging himself into the nearest village, declares himself king and makes young Will his lieutenant. Nightly, he crawls inside the young fey's brain to get a measure of what his subjects think. Forced out of his village, Will travels with female centaur soldiers, witnesses the violent clash of giants, and acquires a surrogate daughter, Esme, who has no knowledge of the past and may be immortal. Evacuated to the Tower of Babel -- infinitely ...

  • The Iron Dragons Daughter
  • Жанр: Эпическая фантастика
  • With these words, author Michael Swanwick ushers us into a remarkable realm of darkest fantasy, erotic dreams and industrial magicks—equaling the undiluted power and uniqueness of vision of his Nebula award-winning masterwork Jane is a human changeling child coming of age in a world of violence and monsters. An abused outcast, she toils unceasingly alongside trolls, dwarves, shifters and feys in the dank, stygian bowels of a steam dragon plant—helping to construct the massive, black iron flying machines the elvan rulers use for waging war. Young Jane's days are bleak and her future seems hopeless—...