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Fesperman Dan » The Arms Maker of Berlin

Автор: Fesperman Dan

Жанр: Триллер

A ruthless arms billionaire and a disgraced history professor share a terrible secret.At 1 a.m. in a deserted Pennsylvania library, Nat Turnbull's cell phone rings. His former mentor Professor Gordon Wolfe has been arrested by the FBI for stealing top secret archive documents dating back to the Second World War.Coerced by the FBI into examining the archives for them, Nat finds intriguing references both to Wolfe's curious activities in an Allied intelligence office in Switzerland during the war, and to a mysterious student resistance group in Berlin known as the White Rose.Following Wolfe's cryptic clues to Europe, Nat uncovers a wartime story of love and betrayal which is reaching out from the past to destroy the present. Now Nat is in a desperate race to unlock the truth before others on the trail who would kill to stop the secret getting out.

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