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  • Dydeetown World
  • Жанр: Научная фантастика
  • Welcome to the future…Where the cream of humanity has left for the outworlds, leaving the rest behind…Where genetically redesigned T. rexes have supplanted pit bulls…Where population control measures have created an underclass of Urchins, unlicensed children who have no rights — not even the right to exist…Where wireheads with chips in their brains live vicariously through the downloaded experiences of others…Where the UN has been turned into a brothel known as Dydeetown, peopled by clones of famous personalities from history and entertainment…Where a Dydeetown clone of Jean Harlow ...

  • Le donjon
  • Жанр: Ужасы
  • Adress? durant l'hiver 41 au Q.G. des arm?es du III Reich, cet incroyable message, venu d'une antique forteresse de Transylvanie, est sign? du capitaine Woermann, un soldat d'exp?rience…Aussit?t le major SS Kaempffer lui est envoy?. Homme de fer, il va cependant d?couvrir la peur face au spectacle des cadavres atrocement d?chiquet?s. Et sa garde de SS est impuissante : chaque nuit fait une nouvelle victime, gorge sectionn?e…Alors Kaempffer, qui ne veut ni fuir ni renoncer, appelle ? la forteresse un vieil arch?ologue et sa fille qui ont ?t? tous deux initi?s aux sciences interdites…Mais d'o? vient qu'? cet instant, au Portugal, un homme re?oit en r?ve l'ordre imp?rieux de se rendre l?-bas ? Il partira.Bient?t tout est pr?t pour un combat aux dimensions de l'humanit?…

  • Secret Circles
  • Жанр: Триллер
  • When his five-year-old neighbor goes missing, Jack can’t help feeling responsible. He should have taken Cody home when he found him riding his bicycle near the Pine Barrens. Then a lost man wanders out of the woods after being chased all night by...something. Jack knows, better than anyone, that the Barrens are dangerous—a true wilderness filled with people, creatures, and objects lost from sight and memory. Like the ancient, fifteen-foot-tall stone pyramid he, Weezy, and Eddie discover. Jack thinks it might have been a cage of some sort, but for what kind of animal, he can’t say. Eddie jokes that it could have been used for the Jersey Devil. Jack doesn’t believe in that old folk tale, but something is roaming the Pines. Could it have Cody? And what about the strange circus that set up outside town? Could they be involved? So many possibilities, so little time...

  • Secret Histories
  • Жанр: Триллер
  • Ever come across a situation that simply wasn’t right—where someone was getting the dirty end of the stick and you wished you could make things right but didn’t know how? Fourteen-year-old Jack knows how. Or rather he’s learning how. He’s discovering that he has a knack for fixing things. Not bikes or toys or appliances—situations…. It all starts when Jack and his best friends, Weezy and Eddie, discover a rotting corpse—the victim of ritual murder—in the fabled New Jersey Pine Barrens. Beside the body is an ancient artifact carved with strange designs. What is its secret? What is the secret of the corpse? What other mysteries hide in the dark, timeless Pine Barrens? And who doesn’t want them revealed? Jack’s town, the surrounding Barrens, his friends, even Jack himself…they all have…Secret Histories.

  • Wheels Within Wheels
  • Жанр: Научная фантастика
  • Canny old Pete Paxton thinks there's a monstrous conspiracy brewing that threatens the LaNague Charter and the freedoms it guarantees for Federation planets. The only way to head it off is to enlist the aid of Josephine "Jo" Finch, the current CEO of Interstellar Business Advisors, a firm Pete co-founded with Jo's grandfather more than half-a-century before. Jo mistrusts Pete and suspects he may be responsible for the bizarre death of her father, but she is soon convinced that the old man's fears are more than justified.Jo and Pete are soon matching wits with one of the shrewdest, most devious politicos in the Federation, threatened by a ruthless psi-talent whose victims face a fate far worse than mere death. They must also deal with the Vanek — the gentle, enigmatic inhabitants of the planet Jebinose who, against all logic, claim to have murdered Jo's father.