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Maclean Alistair » Fear is the Key

Автор: Maclean Alistair

Жанр: Триллер

The sleepy calm of Marble Springs, Florida, is shattered when an unknown Englishman ruthlessly shoots his way out of the courtroom, abducting the lovely Mary Ruthven at gun-point and tearing out of town in a stolen car. Who is he? What is his concern with the girl, with the General's secluded house and with the great oil-rig twelve miles out in the Gulf of Mexico? Who are his three enemies?Set against a Sub-tropical background, this is a novel of revenge. From the opening of sudden disaster to the final reckoning — on a dusty high road at noon, in a garden by night, in the steel jungle of the oil-rig and on the sea-bed below it — the tension mounts inexorably. Alistair MacLean's story-telling has never been more brilliants or his grip on the reader more cruelly exciting.

К сожалению, данная книга недоступна в связи с жалобой правообладателя.

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