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  • El Estanque En Silencio
  • Жанр: Детективы: прочее
  • Ninguna ley impide que una famosa actriz, con mucho dinero y alg?n que otro remordimiento, quiera sentirse acompa?ada en su vejez, tras retirarse de la escena. Pero el sentido com?n debiera de impedir que, a cambio de no estar solo, una vieja rica reuniera en una solitaria mansi?n rural a un conjunto de parientes par?sitos dispuestos a quedarse en exclusiva con su herencia. Porque as? pasa lo que pasa: se empieza con envidias, rivalidades y rencores y se termina por encontrar cad?veres flotando en el estanque de la finca.

  • Ladies’ Bane
  • Жанр: Детективы: прочее
  • Immediately on her arrival at Ladies’ House, Ione Muir realizes that all is not right with her newly married sister, Allegra. The town of Bleake is charming, but the medieval manor house itself-known by a sinister local legend as Ladies’ Bane-is full of gloomy depths and twisting staircases. Her brother-in-law, Geoffrey Trent, intends to purchase the expensive property, with which he is clearly infatuated, although his wife seems frightened by it. But it is soon obvious that Allegra is under the constant influence of narcotics. Miss Silver, hired by Allegra’s godmother to investigate Geoffrey’s finances, is the first to suspect foul play when his mischevious young ward, Margot, dies in a mysterious accident. Her keen intellect and uncanny understanding of human nature help Miss Silver to reveal the ominous forces that are at work in this strange household.

  • Poison In The Pen
  • Жанр: Детективы: прочее
  • When a mysterious suicide follows an outbreak of poison pen letters in the quiet village of Tilling Green, Detective Inspector Frank Abbott of Scotland Yard dispatches Miss Silver to investigate. Disguised as a vacationer, the retired governess stays with Renie Walsh, the town gossip, and learns of the marital and financial difficulties among the Reptons at the Manor House as well as all the petty details of life among the other village inhabitants.It soon becomes apparent to Miss Silver that the suicide was murder and that there is a vicious and demented killer at work. The officious letters still come, exposing or accusing, and the terror mounts with two more seemingly unconnected murders. Miss Silver almost becomes a fourth victim, but outwits the killer with her usual straight-spined aplomb.

  • The Blind Side
  • Жанр: Детективы: прочее
  • Ross Craddock was just the type to be murdered. The new landlord of Craddock house, he begins by giving eviction notice to his aunt Lucy. He threatens the doorman with dismissal. He makes a violent and unwelcome pass to his cousin Mavis. He is vindictive and spiteful and ends up dead. The suspects include Lee who may have walked in her sleep and killed him out of unconscious fear. Or Peter who may have found Ross' advances to Mavis unbearable. Or aunt Lucy who unexpectedly came back. Or possibly Bobby who was still in love with Mavis and furious that she was seen with Ross. The answer is yet another Wentworth twist. I love her characters and she weaves their personal lives in with the mystery and gives us a treat.

  • The Gazebo
  • Жанр: Детективы: прочее
  • Althea Graham's hypochondriac mother seldom visitsthe gazebo- yet she is found dead in it one morning.The Graham estate had once enjoyed a rural view, butnow the grounds are part of suburban London and thegazebo is an anachronistic summerhouse. Scotland Yardbecomes suspisious of Althea and her fiance, thedashing foreign correspondent Nicholas Carey, becausethe death of her mother frees them to be married atlast. Miss Silver is fortunately a friend of Althea'sand comes to the rescue, complete with knittingneedles, a gentle smile, and the preception of a mindreader.