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Vanderhaeghe Guy » The Englishman’s Boy

Автор: Vanderhaeghe Guy

Жанр: Современная проза

“A stunning performance. Hugely enjoyable. I couldn’t put it down.” – Mordecai Richler“The canvas is broad, the writing is vivid, and the two story-lines are deftly interwoven to contrast cinematic ‘truth’ with history as it happened. An intense and original piece of writing.” – The Bookseller (U.K.)“A richly textured epic that passes with flying colors every test that could be applied for good storytelling.” – Saskatoon StarPhoenix“Characters and landscapes are inscribed on the mind’s eye in language both startling and lustrous.” – Globe and Mail“Vanderhaeghe succeeds at a daring act: he juggles ...

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