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Lackey Mercedes » Exiles Honor

Автор: Lackey Mercedes

Жанр: Фэнтези

This book gives us a better understanding of Herald Alberich. It takes us back all the way to when he was still a Captain for the dreaded Karsite army. After he was chosen, many people couldn't trust him, including some heralds. It comes to the point where even some stong-headed young companions try to attack him!!! Had it not been for his own companion and the grove-born stallion Taver, he probably would have died! Through many trials and hardships, Alberich finally becomes trusted. He is even made Weaponsmaster Second right away. But, as the Karsite army grows near, will Alberich stay with Valdemar or will he betray his new King for the land he knows so well? Find out!

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