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Lackey Mercedes » Brightly Burning

Автор: Lackey Mercedes

Жанр: Фэнтези

Lavan Chitward and his family just moved to Haven and are fastly becoming part of the highest members of the Guild social circles. Lavan was very unhappy, but his family didnt care, they were. To make matters worse, his parents enrolled him into a private school where bullys quicjly made him a new target among the scapegoats. Whenever the boys picked on him, he'd turn a bright red which often left his skinned feeling burned and gave him a horrible headache which would leave him unable to attend classes. But when he returned the bullys started up again. This time they got a suprise. Lavan's Gift awakened with a vengence. His gift was FireStarting. Untrained and unable to control it, he set fires all around him, engulfing the bullys and killing them. Then to the suprise of many, he was Chosen. Valdemar needs his help in defeating an enemy, but if he isn't careful, his Fire Storms will consume him as well.

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